Fact sheet by Tom-Greger Knutsen, CEO DittDesign


The idea: Why Bouncy sheep?

My idea was to make a physics game that could be played without complicated controllers. I decided that one finger had to be enough.

As I was studying my index finger, I thought that it could be fun if something bounced of the tip of the finger and I had to prevent it from falling down. To make it more interesting, I decided that the bouncing character had to be an animal. But I didnt want an animal that usally bounces. Thats boring! So I Googled funny looking animals and found some funny sheep. Perfect!


App name: Bouncy Sheep

The name of the app had to be Bouncy Sheep, because the game is about saving sheep that bounce.


Release date:

Available in the Appstore and Google Play Store 3. december 2013.


Price: Free with in app purchases (freemium)

Bouncy sheep is free to download and free to play, but after level 25 you will have to purchase some coins in order to unlock new accessories for the sheep and access to the complete game.


Platforms: IOS and Android.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch and Android devices.


Type of game: 2D arcade game

Bouncy sheep is a 2D arcade game that is played using one finger. The game challenges your reflexes and ability to control your finger.


Developing time:

About 1000 hours.


Developed by: is an indie app development company run by Tom-Greger Knutsen. Tom does all the programming and outsources some of the sounds, graphics and music for the apps.

'Bouncy Sheep – The Saga Begins’ was developed in collaboration with the Fiverr community ( The Fiverr community did the sounds, most of the artwork, the translations and the music. It turned out to be a successful collaboration.


Bouncy trailer:


App link:

Appstore (iPhone, iPad and iPod-touch)

Google Play Store (Android devices)


Past coverage:

"This is a really fantastic game, very addictive and a fun way to relax."

-Satisfied gamer from the U.K.


"This was a fun game to play, with controls that were a little different."


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Tom-Greger Knutsen

CEO DittDesign

Tom-Greger Knutsen is born in 1978. He lives in northern Norway, in a town called Fauske. He has loved computers since his father brought home the first Tiki computer. Tom started programming in highschool using Visual Basic. He later learned HTML to understand how webpages work.

In january 2012 he started programming apps using Objective-C. He made the kids educational app; SirMania-Play & Learn in june 2012. The app was in october of 2012 the top grossing educational app in Norway. Tom wanted to make apps for Android to and heared about Corona SDK from a friend. Since january 2013 he has been using Corona to make apps for iOS and Android.